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ME STUDIO ENGINEERING COMPANY was founded in 1992 in the form of individual activity in Caselle Torinese, specializing at the bigging in systems design and fire prevention.
In the late ’90s was then developed, the activity of architectural design, structural and urban planning, which led to significant experiences in the area of private and public, tertiary, industrial and civil, to creation in 2004 of ME Studio – Engineering Company Ltd.
Architecture is synonymous of harmony and integration, for this reason we emphasizes the philosophy of the creative aspect of the project, maintaining a constant focus on innovation and technology of materials of construction techniques and developing a consistent multi-disciplinary collaboration to achieve the highest quality design.
Thanks to a variety of skills and experience acquired over time and due to its highly qualified and specialized Me Studio is now an integrated structure that can follow the building precess in its entirety, from concept design to construction permits and municipal zoning, the preparation of all the “executive” of the yard, until the construction Management.

The company will soon be one of the very few in Italy to be able to count in its forensic engineers with an academic degree acquired at the Politecnico di Torino