ME STUDIO SOCIETA ‘DI INGEGNERIA S.R.L realizes structural and architectural projects in the field of public and private, tertiary, industrial and civil buildings with the application of new technologies, elaborated on the basis of the client’s requests and the established budget.

The main areas of intervention are Plant Design, Structural and Architectural Design, Safety at Work and Fire Prevention.


The ME STUDIO boasts in the fire prevention sector an experience of over twenty years, matured dealing with design in various business sectors, commercial, educational, productive tertiary throughout Italy. Thanks to the experience and trust that has been established over time, with several customers we have entered into multi-year consulting contacts, so as to guarantee safety over time in the activities and managing regulatory compliance.

Specifically we deal with:

– Project evaluation drafting
– Certified reporting of start of activity
– Writing of fire resistance certifications
– Executive design of fire-fighting systems
– Periodic fire protection renewal certificate
The decree of May 9, 2007 sanctioned the possibility of using the engineering approach in fire prevention, allowing the analysis of risk assessment and design through compensatory measures through the FIRE ENGINEERING methodology, even in this sector we have acquired professionalism over the years and experience applying this type of approach to many projects.


The professional services provided for the protection of health and safety in the workplace concern the management of prevention in the workplace and on construction sites.

As regards safety in the workplace, we provide, through continuous consultancy contracts, an accurate and precise management of the regulatory and operational aspects of safety.

We process:

– risk assessment document (DVR),
– single document for the assessment of interfering risks (DUVRI)
– management of training courses,
– drafting of emergency procedures, fire fighting and evacuation,
– taking on the role of Head of the prevention and protection service (RSPP),
– management by means of annual checks to check the safety conditions in the workplace, checks on fire-fighting equipment,
– periodic meetings with company figures and employees – as required by the state / region agreement;
– evacuation tests
– exodus plans and security signs

In the field of safety on construction sites, professional services are as follows:

– Assignment of safety coordinator during the design phase;
– Assignment of safety coordinator during the execution phase of the works;
– Drafting of the security and coordination plan;


The Structural and Architectural Design that starts with the 3D prototyping of the entire project that allows you to check the work even before its construction, make any changes to the project, taken care of the design phase to its realization, significantly lowering production costs . The use of the building material is chosen with a view to optimizing efficiency and durability over time and, at the same time, to guarantee a low environmental impact.


The Plant Design is characterized by a vast number of systems: electrical, lighting, air conditioning, fire prevention and in production plants from renewable sources. All made with a view to energy saving and environmental protection, innovative and focused on practicality and efficiency.